Automatic heating oil deliveries keep an oil tank filled to avoid a run out. When managed well, this strategy allows your oil company to provide an appropriate amount of fuel in an efficient and timely delivery, freeing the homeowner of the chore of managing their own oil inventory and scheduling a fill up.

The original automatic heating oil delivery algorithms were based entirely on Degree Days (a unit used to determine the heating requirements of buildings, representing a fall of one degree below a specified average outdoor temperature for one day). This method calls for tracking the outdoor temperature each day and looking at a table of values to determine how much oil you may have used for that particular day. When enough Degree Days have occurred, your oil company schedules and makes a delivery to your home.

Though this method is dated, many oil companies continue to use this technique today to determine when they should make delivery. Due to a lack of accuracy, automatic heating oil deliveries based exclusively on Degree Days can cause a homeowner to receive more deliveries than required, and in some cases even paying additional delivery charges when unnecessary.

Through the use of big data, over 35 years of service, and our extensive HVAC design, installation, and building automation and controls experience, the Levco team has built a new proprietary state-of-the-art tracking platform which allows for us to get pinpoint estimates of oil usage and minimize the amount of automatic heating oil deliveries that need to be made, while not allowing our customers oil inventory to get too low. Building upon the original algorithms, our system uses several other key characteristics to determine a personalized automatic heating oil delivery schedule for each home.

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