Spring is right around the corner and with it comes home-selling season. Preparing your oil-heated home for sale and presenting it in the best way possible is no small task. It’s important to hire the right real estate agent and work with your service providers to properly present your home to potential buyers. So, if you are thinking about listing your home this spring, we have some advice to help make the process a little easier:

Organize Service History and Records:

Work with your home’s current provider of heating oil and HVAC service to put together important information that new owners will find valuable and almost certainly be asking about as they become interested in purchasing your home. This information includes a description and log of the home’s current equipment, installation dates, and service history. Current Levco customer or not, selling your home in Fairfield County, we can assist you in putting this information together.

Get an Equipment Inspection Report:

Don’t wait for the buyers to hire an inspector to make a judgment on your home. Schedule a time for your Heating & Cooling company to do an inspection and generate a report that can be shown to potential buyers. This is also a great way to catch any problems that may delay a sale.

Ask About Equipment Upgrades:

Upgrading a heating system while your home is listed or about to go on the market can make the home more desirable. This is because new equipment will lower estimated energy consumption, and become one less thing the buyers have to worry about spending money on after their purchase. Levco is happy to provide free equipment replacement quotes to customers or potential customers selling their home.

Transfer Your Service Contract:

Some full-service heating oil providers like Levco will allow the transfer of an existing service contract. This is an added benefit and one less thing for the buyers of your home to have to worry about. Most times the company taking care of the equipment is going to be the best fit for the new owners.

Schedule a Final Tank Reading:

Heating oil remaining in your tank can be sold at closing separate from the purchase price of the home. As your heating oil company to prepare a final tank reading and send it to your attorney’s. Levco customers and non-customers in our service area can set up a final tank reading quickly and easily.


Selling a home can be stressful. Alleviate some of the potential obstacles by working with a trusted local real estate agent. The best agents work hard for their clients, making the sale of a home go as smoothly as possible.

If you are moving but staying in the Fairfield County area, call Levco about transferring services to your new home at 203-324-5500. Also, be sure to stay up to date with advice and announcements by liking our page on Facebook.

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