Saving on Heating Costs this Winter – Tip #5 Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse

Tip #5: Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse Changing the direction of a ceiling fan can shave as much as 10 percent off monthly heating bills. Flip the switch on the base of the fan to turn the traditional counterclockwise rotation to a clockwise rotation that pushes warm air back into circulation. Check back over the next few weeks to see all 12 tips and tricks to stay warm and not blow the budget this winter: Turn Down the Heat ✓ Install a Programmable Thermostat ✓ Reduce Drafts ✓ Change Furnace Filters ✓ Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse ✓ Turn Down [...]

Save on Heating Costs this Winter – Tip #1 Turn Down the Heat

While the holidays ushered in family, glad tidings and lots of gifts, you may have been too busy to notice that they also heralded something else. Yup, the winter solstice snuck in just before Christmas and with it the official start of winter. Colder weather will be here for a few months, but there’s no reason to freeze or to go broke keeping your house warm. So grab a sweater or a cup of hot cocoa and curl up to learn how to lower your heating costs this winter.

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