Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Admit it, your hot water heater is not something you think about very often. Until that is, you turn on the faucet to wash dishes and get only lukewarm water, step into an icy cold shower on a freezing winter morning, or find your basement is now the family swimming pool. Then you’re going to wish you gave this equipment more attention. Here are a few things you can do to keep this household workhorse running well.

Saving on Heating Costs – Tip #6 Turn Down the Hot Water Heater

Tip #6: Turn Down the Hot Water Heater The standard setting for a hot water heater is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but The Simple Dollar notes that dialing down to 120 degrees, which is still plenty warm, can push energy costs down by 6 to 10 percent. Other strategies, such as a tankless or solar water heater, may have a bigger impact but require an initial investment of at least several hundred dollars.   Check back over the next few weeks to see all 12 tips and tricks to stay warm and not blow the budget [...]

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