Do I have a Boiler or a Furnace?

Do I have a Boiler or a Furnace? What's the difference between a furnace and a boiler? Homeowners typically refer to their heating unit as a "furnace" - but not all homes have a furnace. So, what’s the difference between a boiler and furnace and why does it matter? A boiler uses hot water to heat the living space, while a furnace uses warm air. The heat and the way it's circulated throughout your home are different. What is a boiler?  Boilers heat water. The water is then turned into steam or hot water. The [...]

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7 Best Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

Whether you heat your home with oil, gas, or electricity, these 7 tips can help you cut your energy consumption and maintain comfortable temperatures in your home during the winter:

Saving on Heating Costs – Tip #7 Be Diligent About Maintenance

Tip #7 - Be Diligent About Maintenance Just like any other major appliance, a furnace needs regular tune-ups. Keeping it clean and properly adjusted helps it run efficiently and prolongs its lifespan. A clean, well-maintained furnace can save you another five percent on your heating bill.   Check back over the next few weeks to see all 12 tips and tricks to stay warm and not blow the budget this winter: Turn Down the Heat ✓ Install a Programmable Thermostat ✓ Reduce Drafts ✓ Change Furnace Filters ✓ Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse ✓ Turn Down the Water Heater ✓ Be [...]