A Budget Plan Is a Smarter Way to Pay Your Heating Oil Bill

At Levco Oil, we recognize that heating your home can be expensive. So we developed a cost friendly plan that allows our customers to spread out heating oil expenses evenly throughout the year. Our 12 month budget plan means not having to pay all your heating bills in the winter. Instead, you’ll pay the lower, estimated amount each month for 12 months. Take advantage of the plan that provides you peace of mind – no more unexpected large payments during the winter months. Speak with a Levco representative today!

How Budget Plans Work

  • All it takes is a quick analysis of your average annual energy costs and we can determine a custom monthly payment that works for you and your home.
  • You pay the same amount every month for heating oil throughout the year.
  • Budget Plans are reviewed every 6 months to ensure you are not building up to large of a credit or balance on your account.

Signing up for a Budget Plan with with Levco is Free, there are no enrollment or sign-up fees, and you can enroll any time. They can also help you save time and manage your finances.

budget plan bar graph

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