6 To-do’s Before Turning On The Heat This Fall

Ready to turn on your heating system? There's no doubt the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler in Fairfield County, but there’s no exact temperature that determines when you should make the switch from cooling to heating. It's all about your comfort and health, so as soon as the cold gets into the house and you have to wear more than a light sweater to stay comfortable, you should consider...

Levco Has Your Back With 24/7 Emergency Service

You can rely on Levco to make deliveries when appropriate and to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any of your home’s immediate service needs. With 24 service vans and technicians, and 13 oil trucks, we are almost always just moments from your door; which means we can get to you quicker - typically in less time than we quote over the phone.

Do I have a Boiler or a Furnace?

Do I have a Boiler or a Furnace? What's the difference between a furnace and a boiler? Homeowners typically refer to their heating unit as a "furnace" - but not all homes have a furnace. So, what’s the difference between a boiler and furnace and why does it matter? A boiler uses hot water to heat the living space, while a furnace uses warm air. The heat and the way it's circulated throughout your home are different. What is a boiler?  Boilers heat water. The water is then turned into steam or hot water. The [...]

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The most valuable smart home companion

The third-generation Nest Thermostat has the most valuable smart home features built right in. With its polished design, Nest programs itself effortlessly bringing your home into the comfort zone. The Nest Learning Thermostat remembers the temperatures you like, automatically helps save energy when you’re away, and can be controlled from your phone! This feels like a no-brainer. And the proof is in the numbers. The Nest Thermostat has saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. Studies show that it can save users an average of 10-12% on heating bills and [...]

7 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need to be Replaced

  Your Air Conditioner (or some of its Components) May Need to be Replaced 1. You’re not getting cold air. Maybe this one is obvious, but if you’re not getting any cool air, there’s probably something wrong with your AC. Any number of issues can be the cause, from low refrigerant levels to a broken compressor. Sometimes, it requires only a simple fix. But if the repair is extensive, or it happens regularly, you may be looking at a replacement. 2. The air flow isn’t all that good. So maybe you’re getting cool air, but [...]

When to Do it Yourself or Call an HVAC Pro

Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home comfortable all year-round. And proper maintenance is the key. But while there are some HVAC projects you can easily tackle yourself, there are others when it is best to call in an expert. DO IT YOURSELF: Change the filters Clean the outside unit Replace insulation CALL A PROFESSIONAL: Regular maintenance Air Conditioning and Heating repairs New system installation When you partner with a company like Levco, you don’t have to sweat the details. Levco is the premier provider of Heating & Cooling service as well as fuel oil delivery [...]

The Importance of Improving Indoor Air Quality

For the past three months, our homes have been our sanctuaries. They’ve been our safe haven, our office and our children’s school, as we work to diminish the threat of the Covid-19 virus. But as much as we are trying to mitigate the risk of exposure to germs outside, it is equally as important to take steps to improve the indoor air quality in our homes. Even before 2020, statistics showed that people spent about 90% of their lives indoors. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be anywhere from two to [...]

Should I Add a Whole House Dehumidifier to My AC System?

Many people believe that if you have an AC system, you don’t need a dehumidifier too. The truth is, there are benefits to having both. If you have a humidity problem, or if family members suffer from asthma or allergies, a whole house dehumidifier can be effective at purifying the air and increasing the overall comfort of your home.

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Should Your HVAC System Be Replaced Before Selling Your Home?

Thinking of putting your house up for sale, either now or in the next couple years? Then you are probably considering what upgrades or repairs are necessary to appeal to buyers. Any changes you make should either increase its value or help it sell faster. Should replacing your HVAC system be on your list?

Should I Repair or Replace my Furnace, Water Heater, A/C…?

“Should I repair my furnace, air conditioning system, water heater (insert any major home system or appliance), or does it make more sense to replace it?” It’s a question almost as common as “What’s for dinner?” There’s no right answer that applies to every repair or replace situation. But there are some important things to consider, regardless of the type of equipment that’s causing the dilemma. Repair or Replace Considerations Safety - The primary consideration is safety. If your system creates a safety hazard, there's no question it needs to be replaced. For example, a [...]