Between work, taking care of the kids, managing your calendars and balancing numerous other priorities, Fairfield County homeowners are busy people! There is no longer a need to worry about monitoring your oil tanks, scheduling your next oil delivery or risking a fuel run out. Why? The answer: Automatic Delivery.

What is Automatic Delivery?

Automatic Delivery is the strategy of managing the fuel in a homeowner’s tank and scheduling for a fill up at the appropriate time.

How is my oil level monitored?

Levco uses a proprietary system to calculate when your tanks are getting low on oil. This system is based on a handful of factors: Usage history, the size of your tanks, the type of equipment you have, your equipment’s operating efficiency, and the weather outside. Based on these factors, Levco is able to schedule accordingly and make safe, timely, and cost effective deliveries to your home.

Does Automatic Delivery cost more?

Actually, it’s the opposite. Bringing an oil truck to only one home at a time can be an expensive trip for oil companies if they cannot also make deliveries to other customers in the general vicinity. Automatic Delivery allows companies to plan their delivery schedules in advance so that each customer in your neighborhood can receive their delivery as well in the same trip. This drives down operational costs and those savings get passed along to the customer.

Automatic Fuel Oil delivery presents several benefits that give homeowners less stuff to worry about. If you are still looking for a company that is the right fit for your home, learn more from our blog article How to Choose an Oil Company or give Levco a call to join our family of satisfied customers.

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