FAQ’s – New Customers2019-08-12T11:23:46-04:00

FAQ’s For New Customers

It’s not uncommon for new customers to have questions. If you have a question you don’t see the answer to, send us an email to service@levcooil.com. We’re happy to help!

What makes Levco different from my last company?2019-08-09T13:54:04-04:00

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE – Your equipment doesn’t take breaks and neither does Levco. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays, Levco is ready to help.

EXCELLENCE AT EVERY DEGREE – Levco is the premier provider of heating & cooling service, as well as fuel oil delivery in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Levco Certified Technicians are experts at their craft and set the standard in the HVAC Service Industry. Through hours of advanced training and problem-solving experience, the experts on our team are a valuable resource for first-rate solutions and service that none of our competitors can match. Put simply, we take great pride in the work we do for our customers; and their level of satisfaction shows it. Check out our customer ratings on Google!

IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD – With locations in Norwalk and Trumbull, we are proud to serve thousands of homeowners and businesses across Fairfield County. Located just minutes away from the Merritt Parkway and I-95, our customers are assured a quick emergency response time – no matter how severe the weather. With our growing fleet of service vans and certified technicians, we are almost always right in your neighborhood.

INTEGRITY – We care about your comfort, your equipment’s operating safety and efficiency, and we are fully equipped for all of your heating, cooling, and repair service needs. You can always depend on Levco to give you the best advice about maintaining and improving your heating and air conditioning systems.

A FAMILY COMPANY – Levco has been family owned and operated by the Levene family since its inception in 1980. Currently, there are three generations of family members working for the business. When you partner with a family company like Levco, you get treated like family.

Do you offer other services than fuel oil delivery?2019-08-09T13:16:31-04:00
Levco is a full-service Heating & Air Conditioning company. Providing annual maintenance, emergency service, and equipment replacement.
Are your technicians licensed?2019-08-09T13:14:25-04:00
Working on HVAC equipment requires a license in the state of Connecticut. Levco has a full, in-house staff of licensed technicians.
What are your hours?2019-08-09T13:14:56-04:00

Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your equipment doesn’t take breaks, and neither do we! Levco technicians are working around the clock and ready to provide service when you need it most.

How does Levco know when I need an oil delivery?2019-08-09T13:15:09-04:00

Levco uses a proprietary system to calculate and schedule the appropriate time for your next delivery. This system is based on factors like your oil delivery history, the size of your tanks, and the weather. Based on these factors, Levco is able to schedule accordingly and make timely deliveries to your home.

What do I do if I run out of oil?2019-08-09T12:31:28-04:00

It’s not likely that you will run out of oil, but if you do, give us a call immediately and the next available technician will be at your house to resolve the issue.

If you expect your usage to change, (maybe grandma moved in and likes it warmer, or the kids are home from college and everyone’s taking showers) just let us know, and we can adjust our scheduling to keep you from running out.

During storms, we kindly ask to keep driveways plowed and the area around your oil fill cleared. If a driver feels a delivery is unsafe, they will pass by and try again the next day.

What do I do in case of a Heating Emergency?2019-08-09T12:41:42-04:00
    1. Don’t panic.
    2. Be sure that the oil burner switch is on.
    3. Your thermostat should be set above room temperature.
    4. Press the re-set button on relay ONCE ONLY!
    5. Check to see if flame comes on.
    6. If the burner does not run at all, check the circuit breaker.
    7. If the burner still fails to operate, call for service: (203) 324-5500
What do I do in case of an Air Conditioning Emergency?2019-08-09T12:50:06-04:00
    1. Check that your thermostat has power (replace the batteries if necessary).
    2. Make sure the thermostat is switched to cool and is set below room temperature.
    3. Check that you haven’t tripped the breaker.
    4. Change your air filter(s)
    5. If your AC still fails to operate, call for service: (203) 324-5500
Do you offer free quotes on equipment replacement?2019-08-09T13:15:34-04:00

Yes. Levco is happy to provide free quotes to our customers. We work with the top brands in the industry and can provide you a comparison of options as well as our best advice for replacement, helping you find a system that matches your home’s needs and your budget.

Can I set up a budget plan?2019-08-09T13:15:50-04:00

Yes. Budget plans are a great way to spread out the cost of heating oil throughout the year. We offer a 12-month equal payment budget plan that gets billed the first of each month. There are no additional costs to be on Levco’s budget plan.

How can I expect to receive communications from Levco?2019-08-09T12:52:10-04:00

Heating oil receipts are left at your door or mailbox at the time of delivery. We also mail you a copy of the statement after the office has processed your delivery. If you’d rather receive your statements via email, just let us know!

Other communications including maintenance reminders are done by email or phone call.

What forms of payment does Levco accept?2019-08-09T12:53:18-04:00

American Express



Is it ok to love my oil company?2019-08-09T13:16:17-04:00

Absolutely! We encourage it. Like us on Facebook to show your appreciation.